Sleep. Schlaf. Snooze.

Sleep is a subject that can be a real snooze.

But not when Claus talks about it!

{Schlaf = "sleep" in German}

Claus Pummer standing outside

Hi, I'm Claus!

I was born in Germany and when you hear me speak, you'll have no doubt about that.

Although sleep can be a dull subject, I make it more interesting. Sleep is not optional and there is no substitute so everyone should get the best sleep they possibly can. Yet no one gets enough and too many find it elusive. Do you realize you'll die sooner deprived of sleep than of food? It is THAT important.

My goal is to inspire people to prioritize sleep so they can optimize living!

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"After listening to one of my favorite podcasts hosted by Daniel Vitalis where he interviewed Claus Pummer...I contacted Claus right away with my questions. Claus was remarkable to work with. Our quality of sleep was his number one priority."

- Bill (Canada)

Dave Asprey_CEO Bulletproof and Claus Pummer

Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof and the

Father of Biohacking with Claus Pummer

Dr. Lee Cowden - Ty Bollinger - Claus Pummer

Dr. Lee Cowden - Ty Bollinger, Founder "The Truth About Cancer" - Claus Pummer

Claus Pummer - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD PhD

Claus Pummer with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD PhD

Actor, Cary Takagawa & the Pummers

Cary Takagawa, actor, & the Pummers

Dr. Isaac Jones, Dr. Matthew Accurso, Claus & Denise Pummer Pummer

Dr. Isaac Jones and Dr. Matthew Accurso of Health Experts Academy with Claus & Denise Pummer

Dr. Mercola with Denise & Claus Pummer

Dr. Mercola with Denise & Claus Pummer

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