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About Claus Pummer

Claus Pummer is the President of Natural by Design, Corp. and a holistic sleep coach. His natural lifestyle furniture company focuses on the bedroom for healthy sleep.

A native of Germany, Claus learned traditional carpentry through an apprenticeship. Hand craftsmanship of natural materials in the Old-World style has become his lifelong trademark. He earned the title of Schreinermeister (or Master Cabinetmaker) and launched a career as a global entrepreneur. In 1998, he immigrated to Toronto where he founded Natural by Design and then expanded to the United States.

Searching for the best bed in the world led him to Austria and the discovery of SAMINA. It also sparked a keen personal interest in the subject of sleep. So much so that he went on to get certified as a Holistic Sleep Coachfrom the Austrian Institute for Sleep Psychology changing his life forever. Becoming a holistic sleep advisor has been his most gratifying life's work.

If you know Claus, then you know that he is passionate about two things: his German culture and his work as a sleep coach. Magazines, healthy lifestyle podcasts, wellness coaches, and others feature his work. Helping countess people get a good night’s sleep is what he is most proud of and why he gets up energetically every day. That and a good night’s sleep, of course.

Claus is the father of two adult children, Vanessa and Benjamin. His wife and business partner, Denise, and their rescue dog, Sol, complete his home and life.

A few random facts about me...


I'm a Schreinermeister. That's German for master cabinet-maker. I began a carpentry apprenticeship when I was 16 and worked hard for years to earn this top title.


I've only had 2 jobs before my own business. First, I drove a local beer delivery truck and, second, I was an undertaker. As a carpenter's apprentice, I made coffins and in my small German hometown the coffin maker was also the undertaker!


Although I was born in Frankfurt, when it comes to football (aka soccer), my favorite teams are Bayern Munich and the German national team.

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